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Helping victims recover compensation after an injury is what we do at Hale Injury Law, and we’re proud of our track record of success.
Leila Hale, a leading attorney at Hale Injury Law, part of the dedicated team serving clients in Las Vegas and Henderson, Nevada.

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At Hale Injury Law, we put client satisfaction above all else. We’re more than just a personal injury firm in Las Vegas (and beyond). We’re your allies for justice.

Leila Hale, a renowned personal injury lawyer at Hale Injury Law, serving clients in Las Vegas, Nevada.

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Hale Injury Law

Hale Injury Law is an aggressive personal injury law firm dedicated to representing accident and injury victims in the Las Vegas Valley and nationwide. Our clients are our priority, so we work hard to get more compensation for our clients than other personal injury law firms.

As personal injury lawyers in Las Vegas, we work hard and take honesty and integrity seriously. We’ve spent years establishing ourselves as the best accident lawyers and investigators for compensation and, when necessary, for litigation. We’re proud of our reputation as an award-winning accident attorneys law firm in Las Vegas, Henderson, and Boulder City and as one of the most awarded and reputable law firms in Las Vegas.

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Who We Are

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Our team of expert injury lawyers in Nevada handles hundreds of cases every year. We know that behind each case is an individual who deserves to be treated with care for their very unique problems.

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You might need an accident attorney in Las Vegas for countless reasons. Our team of highly experienced accident injury attorneys at Hale Injury Law provides a wide variety of legal services.

Don’t try to outsmart the insurance company alone. They’ve had years to perfect the art of paying as little as possible. Their loyalty lies with their shareholders, not the policyholder or the innocent injured person.

Get help from an experienced Henderson Personal Injury Lawyer at Hale Injury Law.

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