Any car accident can lead to injury or fatality, but an 18-wheeler car accident is even more dangerous for the drivers involved. Commercial trucks can weigh up to 25 times more than a car. That alone can mean catastrophic damage to the car and its people. 

Additionally, 65% of truck drivers report that they “often or sometimes feel drowsy while driving” and that “nearly half of truck drivers admit that they had actually fallen asleep while driving in the previous year.” Unsurprisingly, our firm gets many cases related to commercial truck accidents. 

This problem compounds in Las Vegas, as the area is a hub for trucking, and trucking is the primary way goods and materials are brought to the area. With so many factors at play, commercial truck injury cases require legal experts like our team at Hale Injury Law. 

Experienced Las Vegas Truck Accident Attorneys

There is no shortage of attorneys who claim to be experts in commercial truck cases, but our team has the track record to prove our expertise. We have successfully represented our clients in these cases and pride ourselves on our compassionate, driven, detail-oriented approach to building strong cases. 

These cases are complex, as there are likely multiple responsible parties, including the drivers and their companies, evidence to gather from traffic and dash cams, police reports, medical and insurance records, and other complicating factors. 

While that may feel overwhelming, our team has the expertise and drive to make trying your case as seamless as possible for you. Because 18-wheeler cases often result in catastrophic injuries or even fatalities, we work exceptionally hard to ensure you get the justice and compensation you deserve. 

Dealing with Complexities and Multiple Parties

Trucking companies and drivers must follow dozens of laws and regulations to keep everyone on the road safe. These laws include maximum hours of driving for truck drivers, adequate storage and security of cargo, and weight limits. 

However, many trucking companies avoid following these rules, usually because it cuts into their profit margin. That level of greed is hard to comprehend, but it’s the sad reality for many trucking companies. Not only do the companies need to be held accountable, but the drivers must also take responsibility. Drivers know when they are driving drowsy and still choose to drive. 

Other responsible parties can include the maintenance and repair companies for the truck, the loading companies, the cargo manufacturing company, and the manufacturer of the truck or truck parts. We dig into each of these parties to ensure they are held responsible, which allows us to get adequate compensation for our clients. 

The Impact on Your Life and Recovery

A commercial truck accident has the potential to not only cause long-term health effects but can sometimes lead to fatalities. You might face a lifetime of medical treatments and physical therapy, lost wages, loss of future income, home health costs, home modification costs, therapy costs, pain and suffering, and more. These aren’t small losses, and your emotional and mental health damage can’t be understated. While you are recovering and healing, we are working on your case to ensure you have all the support you need to recover.

Dedicated Legal Support and Attention to Detail

Our firm has decades of experience in litigating commercial trucking cases, and we’ve developed an excellent reputation in the community for delivering excellent outcomes to our clients. But those two facts alone aren’t why our clients recommend us; we balance our tenacious drive for justice with our compassionate commitment to our client’s best interests. We diligently track every detail, dive into every piece of evidence and expertly build a strong case, all while thoughtfully caring for the needs of our clients. One of our foundational beliefs as a firm is how important it is to stand up for the voiceless, and we use our expertise, attention to detail, and personal touch to ensure our clients get the support they need as they recover. 

Our Commercial Truck Accident Attorney Services

We can take care of any and all steps in the legal process as you seek justice for your commercial truck accident. We’ve done everything from simply providing legal counsel to litigation. The services we provide for commercial truck accidents are:

  • Legal counsel
  • Litigation
  • Building cases against multiple parties
  • Settlement negotiations
  • Working with insurance companies to get coverage and compensation

Free Consultation: Take The First Step Towards Recovery

The first step to getting justice and support while you recover from your commercial truck accident is finding the right legal help. We know that the process of healing from an accident is time intensive, expensive, overwhelming, and exhausting, so we’ve made it simple to meet with us to discuss your case. Fill out this case form, and we’ll contact you to schedule your free consultation with our legal team. It’s time to get the help you deserve, and we’re ready and waiting to be your voice in the legal system.