These are the most serious types of back injuries.  When the spine is bruised or injured, people can experience numbness or paralysis.  The ability to move is impaired.  These are major injuries that can cause permanent issues for the accident victim.

Neck and Back Accident Trauma

The most important rule about any neck or back injury is to get checked by a professional.  One should never assume that ‘it’s not that bad’ or ‘I’ll feel better tomorrow’.  Accidents are tricky things; we become so filled with adrenaline in an accident we are not the best judges of how we are doing.  Additionally, some symptoms take hours or days to show up.   Make sure you get checked.

If you or someone you care about have suffered a neck or back injury as a result of negligence, please contact us today.  Hale Injury Law understands the nature of these injuries, the time and expense of recovery and the way they can impact people’s lives.  As your personal injury lawyer in Las Vegas, We help our clients recover and to receive fair compensation for injuries.