At Hale Injury Law, clients are always the number one priority. Our team believes in working hard and taking integrity seriously while aggressively fighting for the rights of their clients. Financial challenges are very serious, and the Hale Injury Law team understands the stress these situations can cause. 

Hale Injury Law offers bankruptcy attorney services, specifically focusing on the importance of Chapters 7 and 13 and offering an experienced team to help guide you through the process by providing personalized solutions and unmatched advice. With the talented team at Hale Injury Law handling complex issues, clients can focus on their own financial matters by getting back on track and working toward a brighter financial future.

Understanding Bankruptcy 

Bankruptcy is a legal proceeding designed to assist individuals or businesses who can no longer pay their creditors. Those who need assistance, whether an individual or a business, can start fresh by eliminating debt through creating a repayment plan or liquidating any assets they may have to repay their debts. With this plan, creditors still have the opportunity for repayment. Bankruptcy remains on your credit report for several years and can make borrowing more difficult in the future.

In the United States, there are two different types of consumer bankruptcy.

Chapter 7

One of the most common types of bankruptcy, Chapter 7, can also be known as liquidation bankruptcy. This chapter liquidates the property and assets of the individual or business filing for bankruptcy, and then the liquidation is distributed to creditors. If a business declares Chapter 7 bankruptcy, there is a chance it will be provided with a trustee who takes over the operation of the business for a designated period of time.

Chapter 13

Another of the most common bankruptcy chapters, Chapter 13 bankruptcy, offers individuals with a regular income the opportunity to create a plan that allows them to pay a portion of their debts or, in the best case, all of them. The difference between Chapter 13 and Chapter 7 is that in Chapter 13, individuals can avoid foreclosure on their homes.

Comprehensive Bankruptcy Services 

Hale Injury Law knows that each client has their own unique financial situation. With this in mind, the team at Hale Injury Law works diligently to ensure that each client receives individualized attention as a personalized solution plan is created to give the client a fresh start. Financial challenges are stressful and worrisome. Hale Injury Law offers bankruptcy attorney services, primarily focusing on Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 cases. Clients receive white glove service and compassionate representation throughout their case, with the experienced team guiding them through every step of the way with solutions and advice as they navigate the challenges and complexities of bankruptcy law. 

Why Choose Us As Your Bankruptcy Attorney 

Clients who select the team at Hale Injury Law as their bankruptcy attorneys are partnered with an ally who understands their personalized situation and advises them throughout their journey to achieving financial freedom. 

Choosing the Best Bankruptcy Attorney in Nevada

Hale Injury Law has the bankruptcy representation experience to help create a personalized solution for each and every client while offering invaluable advice through each step of the process. The firm has experience and extensive knowledge of Nevada bankruptcy laws and regulations. With a passion for their clients, the team takes a very client-centric approach, providing each client with the time and attention that they deserve as they go through the bankruptcy process from start to finish.

Experienced Nevada Bankruptcy Attorneys

Experience and expertise are invaluable when dealing with the Nevada bankruptcy legal system. Through years of experience and qualifications, the bankruptcy attorneys at Hale Injury Law know the intricacies of each bankruptcy chapter and use their knowledge of each case to provide their clients with a successful outcome.

Finding Your Bankruptcy Attorney 

The relationship between a client and an attorney is critical. Clients must trust their attorneys and know they will fight for them at every turn. The team of attorneys at Hale Injury Law is extremely dedicated to earning and maintaining the trust of their clients. The team of bankruptcy attorneys earns the trust of their clients by creating successful personalized plans of action, their deep knowledge of all things bankruptcy, and their ability to give strong advice to help their clients navigate through their situations. 

Finding a Trustworthy Bankruptcy Attorney in Nevada 

Anyone who is considering bankruptcy must select not only a reputable but an experienced bankruptcy attorney. When picking an attorney, it’s important to ensure they are knowledgeable and have experience in your legal troubles. Other important considerations are compatibility, availability, and how the lawyer communicates. Client satisfaction is very important to the team at Hale Injury Law. With cases being settled successfully and daily, client satisfaction is very high, and their reputation as a stellar firm speaks for itself.

Bankruptcy Attorney Near You 

Conveniently located in Las Vegas, Nevada, the team at Hale Injury Law is also willing to work with any client nationwide. With a strong belief in communication, they are highly accessible and have availability for in-person consultations when needed. Comprehensive bankruptcy attorney services are available throughout the state and other states as needed.

Contact Our Bankruptcy Attorneys In Nevada 

With a desire to achieve the best possible outcome for every client and unfortunate situation, the team at Hale Injury Law is ready to help. Trust is not taken for granted, and client referrals are always valued. Let Hale Injury Law help get you back to living the life that you deserve. Contact us today!