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The Hale Difference

Expert Care

We work with medical experts to understand the full extent of your injuries and your road to recovery.  By thoroughly understanding what medical issues were caused by your accident, Hale Injury Law can begin to understand the actions you must complete to recover. Why is this important?  Your case depends upon making the level of the injuries you suffered due to an accident clear to non-medical experts. By documenting the extend of the inconveniences that were caused, level of pain, and whether or not full recovery is possible, we can build a strong case for compensation.

The level of physical and mental recovery you need will depend on your injuries and the details surrounding your specific accident. Rather than making a small claim request or just looking at the surface of your claim, Hale Injury Law works diligently to understand the full breadth of how your injuries have caused disruption to your life and how that may continue in the future. Taking the extra time to learn about your unique situation helps us to provide our clients with the best legal services the best outcome for your auto accident or injury case.

The Hale Difference

Access and Care

We provide unparalleled access to our attorneys and resources. While most injury law practices claim to offer the same support and availability they fall short when compared to Hale Injury Law. It’s common for accident injury law firms to send a legal aide or representative to speak to clients, but this is not the case at Hale. When you need an attorney that is what you get, not a legal secretary. Our attorneys work with you directly.

No other firm in Las Vegas goes as far to make certain that you have the representation you need.  Our attorneys and staff are local (not every firm can say that!).  Our clients can reach us during or after business hours and our attorneys are available and happy to assist you.

The Hale Difference

Doing What’s Right – Fighting For You

When you are involved in an auto accident and other injury claims you are dealing with an insurance company, who’s job it is to get out of the claim paying as little as possible. The insurance adjuster overseeing your claim will likely contact you to get a statement and settle for the least amount of money possible. Insurance companies know the firms they can offer a quick, lower dollar settlement to in order to resolve the claims. Many of the Las Vegas auto accident and injury law firms are simply settlement factories – they take on clients and go for quick settlements.

These law firms are about volume. They immediately go after the little amount of compensation they can get quickly, pay themselves, pay the doctors, and leave the victims wondering how they will pay for ongoing treatment. Other law firms funnel the work through legal secretaries, leaving victims to wonder if an attorney has ever even reviewed their case.

Hale Law is committed to doing the best for our clients.  If a settlement is the best outcome of a case, we will make it happen.  If court is more likely to provide the best outcome, we will pursue the case.  We make our decision with you and based on what is best for you. Choose a law firm that has your best interests at heart, choose Hale Injury Law.