A slip and fall is one of the most common types of accidents but it can cause serious injuries.  Head or back injuries, broken ankles or arms, or serious contusions can result from a slip and fall.  These are considered premises liability cases.  Victims of a slip and fall accident can claim damages if the accident was the result of the owner or custodian’s negligence.  This applies to homeowners, businesses and government organizations when they fail to keep up or repair a property.

Business Slip and Falls

Accidents typically happen at businesses with a large amount of foot traffic such as casinos, grocery stores, restaurants, malls, parking lots and valets.  The workplace is another place where many falls occur.  Businesses have a responsibility to keep the workplace safe for employees and visitors.  If your accident occurred in someone’s place of business, the business may be proved responsible for your injuries.

Indoor Falls Due to Negligence

A hazard such as standing water or a substance that makes a floor slippery is an owner’s responsibility to fix or clearly mark until it is fixed.  Torn or worn carpets can cause serious accidents, as can obstructed or damaged stairs and handrails.  If an aisle, walkway, entrance, or floor is not kept clear and passable, your accident may be attributed to an owner’s negligence.

Outdoor Slip and Fall Accidents

Property owners have a responsibility to keep the outside of their property safe.  Sometimes, accidents do occur.  Sprinklers and water are a frequent cause of falls.  Damage or obstruction to a walkway or entrance, inadequate lighting or the failure to label a hazard can cause people to slip as well.  If a property owner has failed to fix an issue or clearly label it as a hazard, they may be liable in a premises liability case.

How We Prove Fault in a Slip and Fall Case

We begin investigating your case right away.  We help you gather everything you need to begin a successful case:

  • Photos of the area
  • A full description of the accident
  • Witness contact information and statements
  • Records of injuries and medical treatment

In a premises liability case, the owner must be notified or aware that there an issue, which gives them the opportunity to fix the defect.  Hale Injury Law will prepare the evidence that shows clear fault and negligence.  We will handle every step of your case including all negotiations with the property owner, their insurance company or their attorney.

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