Limos and taxi cabs are supposed to be the safe way to get home after a fun night in Las Vegas. When you choose one of these modes of transportation, you are choosing to keep yourself and other drivers safe, but what happens when the limo or taxi gets in an accident? What if you sustain an injury that requires medical attention, or you need long-term physical therapy to deal with it? What if you lose income because you have to take time off work or lose your job because of your injury? 

These are the harsh realities some of our clients have faced after getting into a taxi or limo accident. Our clients come to us hoping to get help with their medical bills, physical therapy bills, loss of income, and pain and suffering, and we help them get the justice and compensation they need to heal. 

Taxi or Limousine Accident Injuries

Justice isn’t just about ensuring the right parties are held accountable for a limo or taxi accident; it’s about helping the injured party get the resources and support required to heal. When you work with our team at Hale Injury Law, you get both justice and compensation, helping you on your way back to your normal life. 

The Immediate Aftermath

In any car accident, you will likely experience shock, disassociation, or other trauma symptoms. When you get in a taxi or limo accident, these feelings can be even more pronounced, as you likely weren’t paying attention to the road; the impact and injuries can be even more startling. Right after your accident, contact the authorities and seek medical treatment. Remember to document, document, document. Any videos, images, medical records, police reports, or eyewitness testimony will be essential during a trial. 

Dealing With Injuries And Damages

You can sustain common car accident injuries, like whiplash, bone fractures, back injuries, internal bleeding, concussions, head injuries, internal bleeding, and spinal cord injuries. But, in a limo or taxi accident, these injuries can be worse or complicated by factors like multiple riders in the car, lack of seatbelts, or other safety hazards. Add in the cost of property damage or other financial losses, as well as the pain and suffering you might experience, and your life could be profoundly impacted by this type of accident. 

Driver Liability: Understanding The Risks

Taxi and limo drivers are only human, and therefore they are susceptible to making the same errors that other drivers would make. Driver distraction and fatigue cause a number of accidents.  Other accidents are caused by drivers who don’t follow the rules of the road, speed, ignore stop signs and other signals, drive too close or pass unsafely.  Often, quick stops need to be made because Las Vegas has the added risk of pedestrians who are not paying attention, impaired, or both. 

Sometimes these are truly just accidents, but other factors sometimes contribute outside the driver’s control. Maybe the taxi or limo company doesn’t have regulations about how many shifts a driver can take, or maybe they require drivers to work when they have been on the clock too long. Maybe their training isn’t adequate, so you have drivers with little to no taxi or limo experience behind the wheel. With so many factors and responsible parties, it’s easy to see how limo and taxi accident cases can get complicated quickly. 

Taxi or Limo Company Negligence: Holding Responsible Parties Accountable

Taxicabs and limousine companies have a responsibility to maintain their vehicles.  Few fleets get as much use or wear and tear as a limo or cab.  Vehicles are regularly or constantly in use with many short stops and starts.  Add the dry and hot climate of Las Vegas to the mix, and it is clear that poorly maintained vehicles will break down and can cause an accident. 

These factors lead to negative outcomes for passengers in a limo or taxi accident. Injuries from taxi or limo accidents include whiplash, back and head injuries, concussions, broken bones, soft tissue damage, internal bleeding, lacerations, burns, PTSD, nerve damage, paralysis, and even death. Every medical bill, physical therapy bill, and missed work day adds up. Not only are you spending extra money to pay for your medical treatments, but you will likely lose income to take time off work to recover. This financial burden is not small and can often lead to other problems like anxiety, depression, substance abuse, and other mental health problems. It’s crucial to get the compensation and help you deserve so you can live your life to the fullest. 

Experienced Taxicab and Limousine Accident Lawyers: Your Advocates In Las Vegas

You don’t need anything more to worry about as you recover from a taxi or limo accident. You don’t have time or mental space to advocate for yourself in the court system, from medical bills to insurance headaches. Our team at Hale Injury Law is ready and waiting to be your voice and advocate in the Las Vegas court system. We know Vegas, not just the laws; we know opposing counsel, the judges, and how the system works. We’re experts and dedicated to making justice and compensation as simple and seamless as possible for our clients. We want you to feel heard, cared for, and prepared for your case. We’re here to be the voice for the voiceless, and if you’ve been in a taxi or limo accident, you need someone to be your voice in the court system.

Guiding You Towards Recovery and Compensation

One of the values our firm is founded on is the idea that we’re here to help our clients through the worst moments of their lives. We pride ourselves on creating a safe, compassionate space where our clients get the help they need. We are dedicated to helping you get the support you need to recover physically and financially from your injuries, and we are proud that we’ve done just that for dozens of clients. 

Contact Us for a Free Consultation

You must choose the right legal help when in a taxi or limo accident in Las Vegas. Some predatory law firms will put in minimal effort, go for the easiest settlement, then send you on your way for a fraction of the compensation you need to heal. At Hale Injury Law, we are the opposite. We are determined to get every last cent for your recovery, and we don’t hustle through cases to get more volume and thus boost our bottom line. We are in it for the long haul, and our results speak for themselves. The first step in getting compensation and justice is filling out our case submission form, and then we’ll reach out to schedule a free consultation. You deserve to recover with the support you need, and we’re the experts you need to get it. Contact us today to start your journey toward healing.