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Karsten Walker Pedestrian Accident: 10 Steps to Take After a Pedestrian Accident

Karsten Walker's fatal Las Vegas pedestrian accident underscores Nevada's road safety crisis. Learn key safety tips and legal recourse.

A pedestrian traveling on or near a roadway is sadly always at risk. 

In early November, Karsten Walker was on foot when he was tragically hit by a car in an accident that ultimately involved several vehicles. At 26 years old, Karsten was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident after suffering several fatal injuries. 

With sensitivity and condolences to Karsten Walker’s friends and family, this horrific tragedy is a devastating reminder of the importance of pedestrian safety, especially in the state of Nevada. 

Records show that 380 pedestrians suffered fatalities in Nevada within the last five years. Keep reading to learn more about how to stay safe, the specific Nevada pedestrian laws, and when legal recourse may be necessary.

Understanding Pedestrian Accidents in Las Vegas 

Pedestrian accidents always have the potential to be devastating. A pedestrian accident is defined as when a person who is running or walking and not in any sort of vehicle is struck by a vehicle. This vehicle can be anything from a bike or scooter to a car, truck, motorcycle, or public transportation vehicle. Tragically, studies have shown that currently, pedestrian deaths in the United States are at a 40-year high, with an average of twenty people per day being killed by a moving vehicle.

Sadly, the state of Nevada ranks quite high for pedestrian deaths. In 2023 alone, over 180 lives were lost due to pedestrian accidents in Nevada, which is a higher number than the pedestrian fatalities in 2022. 

Pedestrian injuries and fatalities are always more common in urban areas. Urban areas always hold more traffic as well as more pedestrians, and the chances of injury are automatically higher. When considering a high-traffic area, there is always potential for more risk. While pedestrian accidents are high in Nevada, the leading cause of accidents is impaired driving due to drugs or alcohol. While impaired driving is scary enough in itself, you add in a high number of pedestrians in a busy urban area such as Las Vegas, and the risk increases substantially.

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Impaired driving is a leading cause of pedestrian deaths, but it’s not the only one. Other risks include drivers who may be speeding, bad weather, distracted driving, or aggressive driving. Pedestrian safety is at greater risk for those who may be walking in dark clothing or unmarked crosswalks.

What legal rights do pedestrians have in Nevada? Nevada law states that pedestrians usually have the right of way when in a crosswalk or an intersection. However, if a pedestrian jumps in front of a vehicle without giving the driver ample time to stop, they no longer legally have the right of way. Pedestrians in need of accident legal advice are encouraged to reach out specifically to a Las Vegas pedestrian injury lawyer to learn more.

10 Steps to Take After A Pedestrian Accident 

Being involved in a pedestrian accident is a traumatic event for all parties. It’s important, especially in stressful situations, for everyone involved to take the correct steps.

1. Confirm Safety (Or Injuries)

Your health and well-being should always be a primary concern following an accident. Be sure to confirm your safety. If you are hurt in any way, confirm your injuries and call 911 to request immediate assistance. People don’t always feel pain immediately following an accident, and it is still unfortunately possible that you may be seriously injured. Seek medical treatment and advice as soon as possible, but your symptoms may show up days or weeks after the accident took place.

2. Check for Medical Assistance

If you are injured, it’s imperative to receive medical assistance as soon as possible. Call 911 if needed for an emergency situation. Otherwise, make an appointment with your doctor to be checked over as soon as possible. 

3. Obtain Accident Details

Gather all possible details from the accident. Where did the accident take place? What was everyone involved wearing? Remember that dark clothing can be a cause of pedestrian accidents. What was the visibility like at the time of the accident? What time did the accident occur? These are all important details that may be difficult to remember in a time of stress and have the potential to be incredibly important later.

4. Collect Evidence and Information

Make sure you collect all contact information for everyone involved in the accident. Did any witnesses see the accident? Make sure to gather their information as well. Also be sure to take photos of evidence and gather any other pieces of evidence that may be useful or helpful at the scene.

5. Document All Medical Care

If you did need medical care, be sure to document each physician and hospital worker you interacted with and any treatments you may have received due to the accident. Keep all receipts from medical care or prescriptions and any records of a treatment plan.

6. Understand Insurance Coverage

It’s imperative to understand your insurance coverage after an accident. Be sure to take the time to learn about your coverage and what may or may not be covered. A pedestrian attorney will also be able to answer your questions and help you through the insurance process. 

7. Manage and Document All Insurance Communications

Just as important as it is to document all medical care, it is equally important to document and manage all communication you may have with your insurance company. Take the time to make sure you fully understand your insurance policy and any back-and-forth communication that you may have while trying to settle any remaining issues from the accident.

8. Maintain Records With Police and Medical 

The same as with insurance, keep a careful record of any police reports from the accident, any other contact with the police as well as any onsite medical care that was necessary. It’s important to collect all of that contact information in case it is needed in the future.

9. Offer Emotional Support

As mentioned above, pedestrian accidents can truly be devastating. It’s possible that after the accident, you will need the additional support of a therapist or close family member or friend who you can talk to about the accident and the feelings you may be experiencing. Support groups can also be extremely helpful in these situations.

10. Seek Legal Advice and Assistance

Legal advice and assistance are essential from a pedestrian injury attorney if you have been injured in a pedestrian accident. There may be medical fees, loss of wages, or the additional cost of much-needed emotional support, and the reckless driver must be held accountable.

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The Process of Seeking Legal Recourse 

When seeking legal recourse for a pedestrian accident, the injured party has the ability to file a claim against the individual who they believe was the cause of the accident and the injury through their own negligence. By filing a lawsuit, the injured party is allowing their pedestrian accident attorney to not only help them through the process of filing a claim but also to fight for compensation. Compensation is not guaranteed. Every case is very different, and that is why it is imperative to contact a pedestrian accident attorney to make sure that they are being treated fairly. 

Compensation looks different in each case and depends on the victim’s needs. It may include lost wages, pain and suffering costs, medical bills, and medical costs from medical treatment that was necessary due to the accident.

It’s important to be open to speaking to an attorney, at the very least, for a consultation. Injuries from accidents do not necessarily show themselves at the time of the accident, and it’s very important to consider how this may affect you in the future. Take the time to speak to a Nevada traffic collision attorney and allow them to help you through the process during this difficult and complicated time, especially if you need a wrongful death lawyer.

Choosing the Right Legal Representation

Knowing how to find the best pedestrian accident attorney in Las Vegas is important.

The most important criterion when searching for the right legal representation is finding an experienced attorney. Experience can be viewed in a few different ways, whether it be the length of time they have been an attorney, the number of cases they have handled, or the results of the specific cases they have represented and won. It’s important to find an attorney with expertise in the area where you need help and an attorney with a great deal of local knowledge. The team at Hale Injury Law has years of experience proudly representing Las Vegas and fights tirelessly for the rights of their clients. 

After locating the best pedestrian accident attorney in Las Vegas, the lawyer will work to determine who the fault party is in your accident case. Insurance adjusters may deny that the driver was at fault for the accident to avoid paying out any money in a settlement. Your attorney will work with your insurance company to ensure that this does not happen and that you receive the settlement you deserve.

The attorneys at Hale Injury Law analyze every detail in pedestrian cases, whether retrieving the accident’s video footage or collecting criminal records, medical records, and witness statements. The team will deep dive into your case, using decades of legal expertise and experience to create a compelling case to help you win. You don’t have to fight alone.

FAQs For Pedestrian Accidents In Nevada 

Learn more about pedestrian accidents in Nevada.

What should I do immediately after being involved in a pedestrian accident in Las Vegas?

The first thing to do after you are in a pedestrian accident in Las Vegas is to check for any injuries and ensure your safety. After that, it’s important to find a traffic accident attorney to help you through the aftermath of the accident.

How do I know if I have a valid pedestrian accident claim in Nevada?

Your traffic accident attorney can help you determine whether your pedestrian accident claim is valid in Nevada.

How long do I have to file a pedestrian accident lawsuit in Nevada?

Nevada law states that you have two years to file a pedestrian accident lawsuit.

Can I still receive compensation if I was partially at fault for the pedestrian accident?

Every case is different, and your traffic injury attorney can help you determine the level of compensation you will receive. You may still be able to receive partial compensation, but your lawyer will best advise you.

How can an attorney help with my pedestrian accident case in Nevada?

Your Las Vegas traffic accident attorney will work diligently to help you receive compensation for your medical bills, reimburse any lost wages and benefits or for any future earning potential, help you navigate through claims with the insurance company, and support you through this emotionally stressful time.

Are pedestrian accidents more common in certain areas of Las Vegas?

Urban areas always have higher pedestrian accident risks, but studies have shown that specifically in Las Vegas, the most dangerous intersection is Sahara and Decatur. This is known for being a large intersection with a high concentration of accidents. Other areas known for accidents include the intersection of Tropicana Avenue and Koval Lane, Flamingo Road and Decatur Boulevard, US-95, and the Maryland Parkway between Sahara Avenue and Tropicana Avenue.

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Taking the first step towards justice and equality and receiving the compensation you deserve can be difficult and emotional. Dealing with the aftermath of an accident alone can be incredibly overwhelming. The importance of legal support in these types of situations is unparalleled.

Legal assistance in these situations is critical to ensuring you receive the appropriate amount of compensation. Hale Injury Law is committed to helping clients recover financially, physically, and emotionally.

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