Being involved in an auto accident is truly overwhelming. There may be seriously injured parties whether it be yourself or the others involved in the accident. In addition to physical damage, you may be suffering from emotional damage as well after what can often be an incredibly traumatizing experience.

Being involved in an auto accident is truly overwhelming. There may be seriously injured parties whether it be yourself or the others involved in the accident. In addition to physical damage, you may be suffering from emotional damage as well after what can often be an incredibly traumatizing experience. There is also the difficult question of what caused the accident, whether it be the negligence of the other driver, weather conditions, or even a medical emergency for one of the drivers. During an already taxing time, you may also be dealing with the complexity of insurance companies. 

In these situations, it’s critical to understand the strategies used to protect one’s rights. An auto injury attorney can answer all of the questions that you may have during an already emotionally draining time. Their awareness and knowledge will not only alleviate some of the stress that comes after an accident, but they can also make all the difference when it comes to receiving the damages that you are due.

Understanding Insurance Company Tactics 

An experienced auto injury attorney can help you understand insurance companies’ most commonly used tactics regarding auto accidents. Because insurance companies operate in a way that allows them to minimize payouts and maximize profits, understanding how they deal with these types of accidents is critical. 

The Business Model Explained 

Insurance companies use predictable tactics to maximize their profits while minimizing their payouts. While often unfair, you and your auto injury attorney can prepare for the strategies that are often used. While you may wish your insurance company would quickly send you a check after an accident to cover the damages you experienced, this is not always the case. 

The business model of an insurance company is built around a claimant who will receive compensation after an accident or an asset has been damaged. With the promise of this coverage, the insurance company collects a premium from the claimant while weighing the risk of each policy and essentially betting that while the holder will pay for the policy, they will never have to actually file a claim, which in turn makes the insurance company big bucks.

Common Strategies Employed 

Often, insurance companies dispute liability by attempting to shift the blame for the accident, no matter what evidence suggests. By stating that you were responsible for the accident, even partly responsible for the accident, they reduce the amount they would have to pay out.

Another strategy used by insurance companies is to question the extent of your damages. By saying that the damages are less severe by pouring over medical records and disputing the necessity of certain treatments or tests and lessening the severity of the damage to an automobile, they may use this as another way to lessen the amount of the payout. 

You may receive a settlement offer from the insurance company. While this may sound like a simple solution to end potential headaches, prepare for a lowball offer. The hope is that a claimant who may be suffering financially will jump at the offer and save the insurance company a great deal of time and money.

Similarly to a settlement offer, you may receive pressure from the insurance company to accept the offer. Keep in mind that these offers, while not only low, also may not account for any future losses that you may experience from your injuries. 

Insurance companies are also well-known for dragging their feet. Your auto injury attorney will keep the process moving and help to avoid delays. When the insurance company delays a settlement, not only will the claimant become frustrated, but they also may be experiencing more financial strain making them more willing to settle. 

An auto injury attorney can help you avoid these pitfalls while getting you the settlement that you need and deserve.

The Role of an Auto Injury Lawyer 

An auto injury lawyer is critical when you have been involved in an automobile accident. The team of auto injury attorneys at Hale Injury Law have endless expertise that helps their clients receive the settlement they deserve. A strong and experienced lawyer will be aware of all of the tricks and tactics used by insurance companies to protect your rights and help you through what can be a very difficult and emotionally draining time. These lawyers will make sure that nothing is missed when dealing with the insurance companies and that your settlement will be fair.

By thoroughly understanding the tactics that insurance companies use to potentially not compensate a claim to its full potential, lawyers are able to work around these strategies to ensure fair treatment and adequate compensation for their clients.

FAQs On How Insurance Companies Handle Car Accident Claims 

How do insurance companies handle car accident claims? Keep reading for more details.

What should I do if an insurance company denies my car accident claim?

Call an experienced car accident attorney. They can help you navigate the complicated insurance system that deals with car accident claims. 

How can a car accident lawyer help me with my insurance claim?

A car accident attorney will help ensure that you receive a fair settlement with the compensation you need to get back on your feet. They will not only ensure that you receive the full amount of your compensation, including for your pain, suffering, and any time that you were forced to take away from work, but they will also make sure that the claim moves along so there are no delays. 

When should I contact an attorney after my accident?

Obviously, your health and safety are the first priority after an auto accident. But after the accident, it’s important to set up an appointment with an experienced attorney as soon as possible. By seeking legal counsel from a seasoned attorney, especially if the accident resulted in significant damages or injuries or there is any challenge in determining liability, an attorney can best explain and lead you through the legal process. By obtaining an auto accident attorney, you will protect your rights, ensure fair compensation, and ease any challenges or delays you may experience with the insurance company.

How do I negotiate a better settlement with my insurance company after a car accident?

The best way to negotiate a better settlement with your insurance company after a car accident is to find an experienced auto accident attorney to help you with your claim. Not only do they understand the tactics used by insurance companies, but they can also help ensure that the insurance company is acting in good faith and keeping the claim moving quickly to get you back on your feet financially.

What are the signs that an insurance company is acting in bad faith?

If you suspect that the insurance company is acting in bad faith, there are a few signs to look out for. If the claim is denied without a legitimate reason, they may just be hoping that you won’t pursue the claim any further. It’s also possible that your insurance company may not perform a thorough investigation of the accident. This could present itself in delays caused by the insurance company, not communicating with the parties involved in the accident, or simply not completing the investigation. If you think an insurance company is acting in bad faith, call an experienced car accident attorney. 

How long do I have to file a claim with an insurance company after a car accident?

In the state of Nevada, the statute of limitations for filing a claim with an insurance company is two years. However, this may vary by state, so check the statute of limitations of where you are located.

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