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Hale Tips: After an Accident

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PLEASE DO NOT DISCUSS YOUR CLAIM/CASE WITH ANYONE. Be aware that the insurance company may audio and/or videotape your movements without your consent.

NEVER PROVIDE A RECORDED OR WRITTEN STATEMENT to the insurance company of the “at fault” driver without first consulting a lawyer.

DO NOT SIGN ANY DOCUMENTS, checks, authorizations, HIPAA (medical authorizations, General Authorizations, Statements, Releases, Checks, or any other type document without first consulting a lawyer.

KEEP A DAILY JOURNAL. If you are injured record your pain levels daily, log your improvement with treatment and keep track of your medical appointments. You should also record how this motor vehicle collision has affected your activities of daily living, such as hobbies you can no longer perform, household chores you are unable to do, how you interact with family members and children, and how you are affected at work.

TAKE PHOTOS OF BOTH CARS AND THE SCENE OF THE ACCIDENT . Take photos of your vehicle BEFORE your vehicle is repaired.

MEDICAL CARE Medical documentation is extremely important since along with the liability issues (meaning which party is a fault of the collision) the other largest factor in determining the value of your case is your overall injuries. You must prove your injuries through medical care and medical reports. Consistency in treatment is vitally important.  If you missed appointments and/or there are large gaps in treatment you will send a message to the insurance company that your injuries as not as serious as they may actually be.

FOLLOW YOUR DOCTOR’S ADVICE:  Each and every time you visit your doctor make sure that he/she documents your complaints of pain to each area of your body that hurts. Bring your Daily Journal to each appointment and advise your doctor of any and all medical complaints, including minor ones, so your medical condition can be properly evaluated and your doctor can render an accurate diagnosis and prescribe the appropriate course of treatment indicated. Something that appears to be a minor problem to you may be of great significance to your physician, so please report all symptoms to your doctor.  It is vitally important to your case that you follow your doctor’s advice carefully, do exactly as your doctor prescribes and DO NOT MISS ANY MEDICAL APPOINTMENTS.

PAYMENT OF MEDICAL BILLS. The “at fault” party’s insurance company does not handle your medical bills on a pay-as-you-go basis.  This insurance company will pay your medical bills as part of the FINAL settlement, which occurs at the conclusion of your case.  In the meantime, you are responsible and must handle your unpaid medical bills, such as ambulance, hospital, emergency room physicians, and radiology bills.  Your chiropractor, medical doctors, x-rays, and diagnostic testing, not related to any hospital services, are generally placed on a “lien” which means these medical bills (on a lien) can wait until the conclusion of your case.  Please remember that if you choose to have your medical providers treat you on a lien basis, all outstanding lien charges must be deducted from your settlement at the conclusion of your claim.

USE OF HEALTH INSURANCE. If you have HEALTH INSURANCE, it is always better to use it!  If you plan on using your health insurance, be advised that your health insurance company will want to be reimbursed for those payments made as a result of this claim.   Please make sure that your health care providers are processing your bills and receiving insurance payments.  If you intend to use your health insurance to defray some of your medical costs please make sure that you alert our office so that we can place your health insurance company on NOTICE of your claim.   If you DO NOT HAVE HEALTH INSURANCE to cover your medical expenses you should pay those medical bills that are not being handled on a “lien basis” through a law firm. If the bills are too great for you to pay out-of-pocket at one time, contact the medical provider to inquire if they can place the bill on a lien or you can make small monthly payments to AVOID COLLECTION proceedings.

MEDICAL PAYMENTS PROVISION OF YOUR AUTOMOBILE INSURANCE:  Even if you have Health Insurance, the Medical Payments provision, commonly known as Med Pay, will help you pay such things as non-covered

medical expenses and copays. Hale Injury Law will review your policy free of charge.


  1. Gather necessary information. The driver who crashes into your car is responsible for reporting the accident to his or her car insurance company. …
  2. Notify the right people. …
  3. Pick your battles wisely. …
  4. If all else fails, look to your insurer. …
  5. Understand your injury coverage. …
  6. Rent reasonably. …
  7. Know what you deserve.


If a person has been injured, a doctor must be consulted immediately, even if theinjury is not serious. If the person is insured, that person has to notify his/her insurance or broker as soon as possible. Write down the name of the person spoken to at the insurance and the reference number of the claim.


That means if you did cause a car accident, or you were partially responsible, that may appear on your record. If the other driver caused an accident, and you were not at fault and did not receive a ticket, it is usually okay that these crashes appear onyour record accident record.

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