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Commercial Truck Accidents

Semi-trucks are all over our crowded roads in the Las Vegas Valley. Much of the products and raw materials we need are delivered here by commercial trucks. As a transportation hub for several large trucking companies, it is no surprise that there is a heightened risk for commercial truck accidents.

The unfortunate truth about semi-truck accidents is that our clients often sustain traumatic or fatal injuries as a result of the truck driver and/or the trucking company’s negligence. Truck Accident Attorneys in Las Vegas at Hale Injury Law understand the complexities of these types of cases and have successfully represented 18 wheeler truck accident victims in Clark County and throughout Nevada. There can often times, involve many parties in these types of personal injury claims and can sometimes have take time to settle. These cases, however, can lead to catastrophic injury or death in many instances. Hiring the right Las Vegas Truck Accident Attorney can truly make a difference in your case. 

Our Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyers can help you navigate through these difficult type of cases and help you focus on recovery. Our main objective when dealing with large 18 wheeler accident injury claims is diligence and attention to detail. If you have been hit by a truck in Nevada, call a proven Las Vegas Auto Accident Attorney Now.