Wrongful Death Attorneys: Workplace Accidents

Employees should reasonably expect to work in a safe workplace.  It is the responsibility of employers to provide safe working conditions to their employees, along with proper safety equipment and training, to minimize workplace accidents. Even the safest working environments poses risks. If someone you love became the victim of a workplace accident, which lead to their injury or wrongful death, your next step should be to seek legal representation.

Employer responsibilities include:

  • Establishing safety procedures
  • Provide safety training 
  • Provide OSHA information to all employees that explains employee’s rights and recourse

This is an abbreviated list.  For more details, go to OSHA’s full list.

Most Recent Nevada Workplace Data

In 2015, there were 44 workplace fatalities in Nevada.  This is higher than 40 in 2014 and 42 in 2013.  Details of the 2015 fatal accidents are (data from the Bureau of Labor Statistics):

  • 4 were the result of violence, either between people or people and animals
  • 22 were transportation related
  • 7 were slip and falls
  • 6 resulted from exposure to harmful substances or environments
  • 6 were caused by accidents when using workplace equipment

When You Should Bring an Accident Law Suit

When an employee is injured on the job it is common that a workers’ compensation claim be brought against the employer. However, when the accident caused by negligence results in the loss of life a wrongful death suit may be appropriate. In some instances an employee may be injured by another worker or due to the employer’s intentional or egregious conduct.  Sometimes an employee is injured, temporarily disabled or even permanently disabled.

Get Expert Advice

If you or a loved on has been injured due to negligence on the job, you need qualified assistance.  The team at Hale Injury Law is expert at evaluating and handling worker’s compensation and wrongful death claims.  For more information on our worker’s compensation services, click here.

We can discuss your options with you and help you determine the most likely outcome for your specific circumstances. Don’t let a negligent company cause you an expensive and difficult recovery.   Also, you are helping future employees of all companies work in a safer environment.

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