What is Workers’ Compensation?

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The workers’ compensation system provides replacement income, or financial award to employees who have been hurt, become ill, or killed while on the job. Additionally, the system protects the employers from lawsuits for those injuries or deaths. The intention of workers’ compensation is to protect and help both sides of the aisle. If injured, employees will be compensated for the costs of their work-related injuries or illnesses. (In return) employers can run their business without the threat of lawsuits looming over their heads.

The Reality of Workers’ Compensation

Filing a workers’ comp claim is not the same as filing a lawsuit against an employer, but like filing after an accident with a car insurer. But like any benefits system, workers’ compensation is riddled with issues. For the most part, the workers’ compensation system is financed by insurance premiums paid by the employers. As a result, benefits paid to injured workers are relatively modest. Injured employees will find that processing claims can be a lengthy process. Making it financially difficult for most, as they try an manage recovery and out of pocket expenses. Workers’ compensation is not the only solution for employees hurt on the job.

There are laws that (work in tandem) with the system that provide injured workers with options. Such as Social Security disability insurance provides income for individuals who can not work because of a physical impairment. Or The Family And Medical Leave Act, which gives employees up to 12 weeks of unpaid leave a year due to a serious health condition, protecting them from losing their jobs as a result.

In some cases, a claim may not be the appropriate response if hurt on the job. A lawsuit may be the only option in cases where an employee has lost their job as a result of their injury. Workers’ compensation claims filed by fired employees are often paired with wrongful termination acts.

The intricacies of Nevada State Laws, (employer) insurance companies and the workers’ compensation system itself is both powerful and intimidating to navigate. This is why it is important to talk to a legal professional to point you in the right direction before continuing on a potentially costly path. Contact Hale Injury Law today for a no-cost consultation.

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