The Dangers of Distracted Driving

Constant distractions are the most dangerous byproduct of our modern culture.  Our phones alert us every time something happens, which presents us with interruption after interruption as we go through our day.   More people feel obligated to return every text, message, or call right away.

Sadly, this has grown into a huge issue on our roads.  In 2014 alone, nearly 3200 Americans were killed and over 430,000 accidents were at least partially caused by distracted driving.  In Las Vegas, where we have more distractions than most cities, distracted driving is regularly a factor in auto accidents.

Put Your Phone Down

Nevada Law states that it is illegal to hold a cell phone or to text while driving.  The first offense is only $50 but that escalates into the hundreds for the subsequent offenses.  After the first offense, a citation for distracted driving counts as a moving violation.  Unfortunately, this hasn’t stopped the problem.

When we are driving, the trick ourselves into thinking that we can ‘really quickly’ check something.  But the reality is that in the 5 seconds it takes to check a text message, our car can travel the distance of a football field.

What Are People Doing When They Drive?

  • Texting or using a Cell Phone
  • Talking on the Phone
  • Getting Directions
  • Eating
  • Grooming
  • Using Navigation or Reading Maps
  • Using the Radio

What Can We Do?

Put Your Phone Down!   Check text messages and emails after you are done driving.  If you need to, turn off the sound so you are not tempted to check it.  And don’t take pictures while you drive.

Keep Phone Calls Brief and Use Bluetooth – Quick calls on hands free Bluetooth are just fine.  But long conversations require concentration.  Multi-tasking leads to distracted situations so please keep your calls short.

Use Voice Directed Directions – Don’t cause an accident because you are looking for directions.  If you can, use voice directions.  If you need to check your phone or map, pull over and get back on the road when you know your route.

Eating and Grooming – Pull over or wait until you arrive.  These are never ok when you are at the wheel.

Spread the Word – Make sure everyone you drive with and everyone you know understands that distracted driving is very dangerous.

Hale Injury Law believes in educating people on the dangers of distracted driving.  However, if you or someone you know has become the victim of a distracted driving accident, contact the experienced team at Hale Injury Law.

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