The Biggest Danger of Motorcycle Riding: Other Drivers

Dangers for Motorcycle Drivers

Even the most responsible motorcycle driver is in more danger driving on the Las Vegas valley streets than the drivers of passenger vehicles, not because of the vehicles they are in control of, but the more because of the vehicles they are not controlling. While two-wheeled and even three-wheeled vehicles are more likely to be in an accident the cause of these accidents is, more often than not, due to drivers around motorcycle drivers. Watch for these dangers to reduce your chance of being in a motorcycle accident, and stay safe while riding on the streets of Las Vegas.

Oncoming Traffic

When traveling against traffic without a median or other protective barriers the dangers of a head-on collision are greatly increased. All it takes is for the driver of an oncoming vehicle to be distracted just long enough to cross the center divider. As a motorcycle driver being aware of this potential can help you avoid a motorcycle accident, especially if you don’t ride close to the center median.


Drivers often don’t pay close attention when turning or driving through intersections. Driving on Las Vegas streets you can easily encounter vehicles not obeying basic traffic laws such as yielding at flashing yellow arrows or stopping at intersections with enough room to give way to pedestrians. Dangers don’t stop there for motorcycle drivers. Most seasoned motorcyclists have encountered at least one vehicle narrowly avoiding turning into them in an intersection or failing to yield to them even though they have the right of way.

Sudden Stops

Avoiding locking up your front wheel or throwing yourself from your motorcycle due to a sudden stop can be quite simple. Allow yourself ample room to stop when riding in traffic. In addition to having plenty of room to stop you should also practice sudden stops periodically, and be prepared at all times to avoid being in a motorcycle accident.

Regardless of how careful you are, motorcycle and automobile accidents happen. When they do, having the right kind of personal injury attorney to represent you can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. If you find yourself in this position contact Hale Injury Law and find out why our clients often refer their family and friends to us.

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