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Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accident injuries tend to be far more serious than injuries to car drivers.  Motorcyclists’ risk of a fatal crash is 35 times greater than that of a passenger car.  Of the over 266 vehicle related deaths in 2013 for the valley, 57 were motorcyclists.  Almost half of the 2-car accidents that involved a motorcyclists in 2015 were due to a car’s failure to signal changing lanes. Las Vegas motorcycle accident attorneys at Hale Injury Law have helped many motorcycle related accident victims get the compensation and justice they deserve.

Typical Motorcycle Injuries

The freedom that motorcyclists love is also the thing that makes these accidents dangerous.  Riders are much more likely to get thrown from their vehicle.  We understand how serious motorcycle injuries are and the recovery that is required. Talk to a Las Vegas Motorcycle Accident Lawyer today.

Head Injuries – Head injuries can require a long time to heal.  No helmet can protect its wearer 100%.  When an injury is obviously serious or when someone loses consciousness, people are generally taken directly to a hospital for tests.  But some head injuries are not apparent at the time of a crash; our bodies’ defenses can delay the effect of some injuries.  In either case, these injuries can take a lot of time and care to recover from.

Neck, Back and Spine Injuries – Crashes can cause a neck or spine to be compressed.  Or they can cause whiplash, where the head and neck are violently pushed back and forth.  These are both serious traumas to the body that require medical care and a lot of time to heal.

Biker’s Arm or Biker’s Elbow –  In an accident, the arm is often the first thing to hit something.  Our instinct is to stop a fall with our arms.  This trauma can damage the nerves in the upper arm are damaged.  This can lead to a permanent disability if the arm becomes paralyzed from the injury.

Leg, Knee, Ankle or Foot Injuries – Legs are at great risk of injury in motorcycle accidents.  They often hit hard in a crash or can get sandwiched between 2 vehicles or between the bike and the road.  These accidents can create permanent disabilities.  Even a lesser crash can cause long lasting injuries to your legs.

Road Rash – The mention of road rash causes many to cringe, and rightly so.  This has to be one of the most painful outcomes of a motorcycle crash.  Road rash is literally when the rider meets the road.  It is a severe skin and muscle abrasion that can be accompanied by nerve damage or infection.  Even the mildest case of Road Rash takes some time to heal; more serious cases can be debilitating. 


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