More of the Biggest Dangers of Motorcycle Riding

In our article The Biggest Dangers of Motorcycle Riding we discussed three of the biggest dangers even responsible riders face daily. These included oncoming traffic, intersections and sudden stops. There are many other dangers beyond these Las Vegas motorcyclists face every time they hit the road. In this article we will discuss more of the dangers motorcycle drivers should be aware of when riding around the valley.


With less tire to road ratio than a passenger car, loose gravel, or any unfinished surface, can cause dangerous riding conditions. Because most Las Vegas roads are finished motorcycle drivers need to be more cautious when encountering unfinished pavement. Should you lose traction and need to go down, keep in mind that a low-side fall generally causes less injury and damage than a high-side fall.

Corner Speed

Newer drivers are at more of a risk when taking corners than seasoned veterans, but many driver-caused accidents happen due to taking corners too fast. At intersections and on surface streets it is especially necessary to reduce your speed. Remember that going slower is almost always going to be safer than speeding around a corner. As you become more familiar with your motorcycle a slight increase in speed may be easier than a new rider or bike as well.

Car Doors

Driving down narrow streets you may encounter the occasional car door opening into traffic. It’s the driver that doesn’t look out their side view mirror that is most dangerous. As a motorcycle driver it is also your responsibility to avoid these types of collisions. You can be mindful of people getting in their cars or for those that look to be ready to exit their vehicles on narrow Las Vegas streets.

Regardless of how careful you are, motorcycle and automobile accidents happen. When they do, having the right kind of personal injury attorney to represent you can make all the difference in the outcome of your case. If you find yourself in this position contact Hale Injury Law and find out why our clients often refer their family and friends to us.

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