Making Sure Summer Stays Safe At Camp

Summer Camp Tents
As parents, we want the peace of mind that we are sending our children off to have fun in a safe environment. Summer camps are a great way for kids to spend their vacations. Whether it’s a sleep away or day camp, it’s an opportunity for children of all ages to just be kids. However there are some potential risks for injuries at summer camps.  The state of Nevada has clear regulations that camps must follow to ensure safety. However safety should begin with parents understanding what really makes a safe summer camp.

Sunburn & Dehydration

Overexposure, and heat related injuries are a common, severe and yet preventable risk for children enjoying the outdoors. Sunburn and dehydration are far too common, especially living in one of the hottest parts of the country. Because Nevada summer sun can be lethal, state law is very clear about the precautions that camps must follow. Nevada law states that after 90 degrees how much water and electrolytes must be consumed by camp participants. Talk to your kids about proper hydration levels, and make sure that camp counselors and directors are following the law.

Safety Around The Water

Water related activities are the most common place where serious accidents take place in summer camps. But what is summer without enjoying the pool or a lake? Aquatic programs can still be fun so long as camps stick to clear and consistent regulations.  Make sure that any water related activities require close supervision no matter what the age range is. Counselors running water activities should all be trained and certified in both first-aid and CPR as regulated by state law. Also, don’t be afraid to ask what the ratio of counselors to campers are during any water sports. It is important to know that counselors are meeting training requirements and how many are really keeping an eye on your loved one.

Background Checks & Child Abuse

Part of making a camp a safe environment is hiring qualified staff, after all, we are trusting them with our most prized possessions! Child care facilities and programs must conduct background checks. As a parent, you have the absolute right to know who is responsible for your child’s well being. Without background checks, it is far too easy for the wrong staff member to commit abusive acts towards children in their care. Make sure that your child’s summer camp is open and clear about their hiring policies.

Safety And Fun First

There are plenty of summer camps within our Las Vegas valley area that practice both safety and fun. Ultimately parents should educate themselves about risks.  They should talk to camp directors and counselors about any activities that they don’t feel comfortable with their child participating in. When camps do not, follow proper background checks, train staff or provide a safe environment they are liable for putting children at risk. Summer camps should be about making positive memories for kids while maintaining a safe environment on every level.
At Hale Injury Law we understand that kids will be kids. But there is a difference in getting hurt playing and one as a result of an institution not maintaining the proper safe practices. Please contact us today if you have questions, concerns, or your child has been injured as a result of a summer camp not following safety guidelines.

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