Henderson Auto Accident Lawyers Suggest These 5 Steps

5 Steps to Take Directly After a Vehicle Collision from the Henderson Auto Accident Lawyers at Hale Injury Law

  1. Prevent Any More Harm
    Pull your car off to the right-hand side of the road and stand where it’s safest to check for bodily injuries and any and all property damage. Remember, if a police officer isn’t present in Nevada then it lies on you to report any and all damage that occurred.
  2. Call for a Police Officer
    Trying to recall what to do and the order in which to do them is hard to get perfect all the time, let alone when you have traffic whooshing by you. The general rule of thumb is if there is severe injury or damage totaling to $750.00 or more then call 911, but call when in doubt as well. Then, call Hale Injury Law at 702-736-5800 and they can help you calmly prioritize from there. The last thing you need is a financial burden from your insurance not fully compensating you what you deserve. That’s where Hale Injury Law can help!
  3. Document! Document! Document!
    Now is a really fantastic time to put that camera phone of yours to work. Take pictures of all the damage on every vehicle from many different angles. When you think you got enough, take a few more. Get down the make and models of all the vehicles, the corresponding license plates, and registration. Maybe even take notice if there’s anything suspicious in the vehicles that may have played a role in the crash. Take down names, the location, the officer’s name, note the date and time, and even jot down the weather conditions. Don’t be afraid to ask a witness for their name and number as well.
  4. Exchange Information
    Now you have made notes for yourself so now it’s time to exchange your information as well. Nowadays if you have a camera phone you can just shoot a picture of all the insurance cards and other information you need to make it easier. As soon as you snap pictures of what you need then email it to yourself in case anything happens to your phone you’ll have it all.
  5. Contact Your Insurance Company
    It is required by law for you to notify your insurance company of an accident, but do not admit fault. Contacting them just allows them time to gather information and open a case.An auto accident can be a very traumatic experience and it is not uncommon for panic to set in after you’ve been hit. Just remember to breathe, follow the steps above, and be sure to document everything so that when you do retain one of the Henderson Auto Accident Lawyers at Hale Injury Law, you’ll have everything you need to expedite your settlement.

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