Getting Hurt On The Clock

Workplace injuries are a daily occurrence across our nation.  In Las Vegas, nationals averages are often surpassed since hospitality and construction are two of the top industries in this city.  Both industries are physically demanding which significantly increase the chances of employees getting hurt on the job.
It is important that all employees know what steps to take if hurt on the job, whether you are in building the next casino, or serving drinks in one, or neither.  Protect yourself by knowing what steps to take after a workplace injury.

Report Workplace Accidents Right Away

It is crucial that all the following steps are followed within a reasonable amount of time. Meaning, make sure that you don’t procrastinate.  Not only are claims limited to a specified time of acceptance, you are giving insurance companies an opportunity to deny your claim.  You could find yourself paying for medical bills that your company should is responsible for.
Make sure that you report your injury to your supervisor, and/or human resources representative as soon as possible.  It is important that you contact the right liaisons within your company so that you immediately begin to follow protocol.  Protocol may mean seeking on property medical care, or going to a company approved doctor.

Record and Report All of the Facts About  Your Accident

Create a report containing as much detail surrounding the injury as possible.  Nevada State law dictates that your company has an incident or injury report available for you to complete.  Document following details both on your own and within the report:
  • The date and time the injury occurred
  • Names of witnesses or other individuals involved
  • Location of incident
  • Any details big or small, no matter how insignificant it may seem that relates to the injury
It is important that all parties involved sign the report once it is completed. If you are part of a bargaining collective make sure you contact your representative and provide them a copy of the report. Keep copies of all related documents in safe place.

Seek Medical Care for Your Injuries

Seek medical care as soon as your supervisor has directed you to the approved medical provider to handle your workplace injury. Your injury may require multiple doctor visits, or ongoing treatment.  Keep a log of symptoms, appointments and treatments.  Have your doctor provide a formal letter stating any restrictions that limit you from meeting your normal job related responsibilities. Make copies of the formal or written doctor’s orders and submit them to your supervisor.

Remember, you have rights if your company does not provide you with effective or proper medical care.  Wherever you seek medical care, make sure you follow the doctor’s orders.  Not following medical advice is often used as a reason to deny compensation.

File Accident Reports

There are two key forms to be completed as soon as possible after a workplace accident: Notice of Injury, and a Claim for Compensation if medical treatment is needed after the injury.
Your employer is responsible for maintaining a sufficient amount of Notice of Injury forms and therefor can supply you with one. This form will require you to complete details of your injury, and must be submitted no later than 7 days after the accident or injury occurred.
A Claim for Compensation form provided from your employer, is also known as a Form C-4, is necessary if medical treatment is sought after the workplace accident. Form C-4 must be completed by the treating physician and copies must be submitted within 3 working days to the employer, insurer and third-party administrator.
Again, make sure you retain copies of all forms for your own personal records.

Keep Great Records of Your Workplace Accident

Dealing with on the job injuries can is daunting and stressful. When filing cases like theses it is important that you do not give any opportunity to be denied coverage and or worse be held liable for your job performance when it is a result of the injury. Protect your job and future from liability like paying the medical bills out of your own pocket. Keep detailed receipts, notes and documentation related to your workplace accident. Make sure you submit the correct files in a timely manner from the date of the incident as mandated by Nevada State law.

Hale Injury Law is a Workplace Accident Attorney

If you have were denied compensation or have any questions contact us today so we can help you through the right steps to protect yourself and your livelihood.  Hale Injury Law is an experienced workplace accident attorney; let our expertise work for you.

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