Every Appointment Matters for Your Recovery and Your Case

Accidents are great interrupters in our lives. They are annoying, inconvenient, and often unfair. Someone else made a mistake that has damaged our property and possibly caused us an injury. But the long-term outcome of the situation depends on what you do after the accident and how you follow through on it. That’s why every appointment matters to both your recovery and your accident injury case.

Get a Medical Check After an Accident

After dealing with the scene of an accident, please go to a doctor, urgent care or emergency room and get checked.

Are you busy with work? Get checked.

You had plans before the accident? Get checked.

Missing out on some fun because of the accident? Get checked.

We cannot tell people this often enough. When your body is traumatized, your adrenaline is pumping and your body’s natural defenses are working to keep you functioning. Many symptoms take longer to show themselves, especially in head, neck, and back injuries.

Don’t Let Your Busy Life Hurt Your Recovery

People today may be busier than at any time in our country’s history. Americans work harder and longer than people in most other countries. If you have kids, time spent helping with school, homework, and attending activities is comparable to a second job. The easiest thing in the world is to neglect our health when we have so much happening in our lives.

Recovering from an injury often means going to a lot of doctor appointments and physical therapy. Appointments and waiting rooms are inconvenient, tiring and not a lot of fun. But they are absolutely necessary. People who skip treatment can harm or delay their recovery. They may not ever fully recover – restoring muscle strength, joint function or full flexibility can depend on completing all of the physical therapy the doctor has prescribed. Don’t skip any of the steps needed to help you recover from your injury.

Insurance Companies Will Minimize Your Injury

Insurance adjusters are paid to look for weaknesses in any injury case. Insurance companies portray delays or gaps in medical treatment as though the injury is not that serious. They will use those gaps as reasons to make a lower offer to settle a case. If your injury was so serious, they will say, why then didn’t you complete your physical therapy? Why did you skip or stop treatment?

Insurance companies are like any business; their representatives focus on increasing profits. And they will argue that an injury would not have been so bad if the injured party had completed their medical treatment. It is a logical and often successful argument.

Don’t let the insurance company take away from your case or settlement. Complete all of your medical treatment so you can get well and get the settlement you deserve.

Accident Injury Attorneys in Your Corner

Hale Injury Law is an aggressive, experienced injury law firm. We help people navigate their recovery and case and get the maximum settlement for their injuries. We help track your medical progress, symptoms, and expenses and then negotiate or litigate on your behalf.

When you are hurt, you need professionals fighting for you. Let Hale Injury Law help you recover. Contact us today.

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