Celebrate Safely – July 4 is Las Vegas’ Most Dangerous Holiday

According to the Las Vegas Convention and Visitor’s Authority (LVCVA), July 2015 had the second highest number of visitors of any month last year.  With the 4th of July weekend beginning this Friday, we can expect another busy holiday.  Several hundred thousand visitors will arrive this coming weekend.  This is great for our economy but it contributes to major hazards on our roads.  The combination of additional traffic and the holiday make the Fourth of July the most dangerous weekend of the year in Las Vegas.

Here are some of the hazards to avoid so you can enjoy a safe and fun Fourth of July:

Avoid Holiday Traffic

Locals know that the I15 fills up with traffic at the beginning and end of each holiday weekend.  Congested highways and areas near the Strip or Downtown are difficult driving.  Traffic jams contribute to accidents.

Plan your trip to avoid the Strip or other peak traffic areas.  Or better yet, book a staycation!

Watch out for Teen Drivers

According to a AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety study, teens have the highest rate of crashes of any group of drivers.  The period between Memorial Day and Labor Day has become known as the 100 Deadliest Days for teen drivers because of the number of fatal accidents over the last few years.  The Fourth of July holds the terrible distinction of being the most dangerous holiday for teen drivers.  More teens are on the road and they are more likely to be distracted or impaired as they drive.

Be safe and keep your teen drivers off the roads.  And be careful if you see any distracted teens driving near you.

Stay Away from Construction Areas

The extensive construction around the Valley can make travel slow and can create bottlenecks.  The Regional Transportation Authority (RTC) has created a map of construction around the Valley.  A few moments of planning can save a lot of time stuck in traffic or save hours doing paperwork after an accident or months recuperating from an injury.

Check here to see construction sites on our roads.  Plan your route to avoid congested areas.

Avoid Party or Event Traffic

The Fourth of July may be the most social holiday of the year.  People get together to barbecue and set off fireworks.  Las Vegas is filled with parties, events and places to gather and watch the fireworks.

People are as likely to be impaired or distracted as any time of the year.   People will be checking directions, looking for parking or trying to exit a crowded event.  Watch out for cars filled with people too.  Passengers are a major distraction for a drivers.

Stay off the road if you have been drinking.  And if you do need to drive, be extra watchful of the cars around you.  Try to avoid event traffic.  Travel when the roads are clearer.

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