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Automobile Accidents

The most common types of accidents we handle are motor vehicle collisions. As the largest metro area in the state of Nevada, the Las Vegas area is where the majority of all motor vehicle crashes happen in the state. In 2013 alone, there were over 266 vehicle-related deaths, 30 with the victims under 20 years of age, in Las Vegas. This according to the State of Nevada Office of Traffic Safety. Not all accidents end in fatality. During that same time, there were 1,189 serious injuries that were related to motor vehicle accidents. With the increasing number of auto accidents in the Las Vegas valley, more auto accident law firms have opened their doors, making it harder to determine the right choice for a Las Vegas personal injury lawyer.

Experienced Auto Accident Lawyers in Las Vegas

A motor vehicle or car accident can be a traumatic event. Notwithstanding injuries that you may suffer as the result of the collision and the mere stress of being involved in an accident can be a lot to deal with. Immediately, there is the stress of having to call the police, if there are injuries. In Las Vegas, police will not show up to the scene of an auto accident unless there is an injury to report. This does not negate your rights! Hiring the Right Las Vegas Personal Injury Lawyer will make a tremendous difference in your effort for justice. Hire the right Las Vegas Car Accident Lawyer for help today.

You still have the same rights with or without a police report. Calling an experienced attorney, like the ones at Hale Injury Law, should be your next step with or without a police report. Our knowledgeable attorneys and staff will be able to help you get the medical attention you need, as well as open a claim with your insurance company. Hiring a Las Vegas Car Accident lawyer can make a difference when dealing with an auto insurance company.

We Get You the Medical Attention You Need

After an auto accident, you may feel like you are not injured. Between adrenaline and the chaos of an auto accident, many people don’t realize they are injured unless there are obvious injuries. Even with obvious injuries, the initial assessment of the extent of injuries can be underestimated. Often the stiffness, pain and other injuries victims sustain can take some time before surfacing. If you have been in an auto accident, you should seek medical attention even if you don’t feel your injuries are that serious, or if you feel you don’t have any injuries at all. It is better to be safe and have a doctor thoroughly evaluate you rather than to refuse and have injuries surface later.

The legal team at Hale Injury Law have the right medical experts to ensure you are evaluated and treated for all your injuries. The focus of the medical professionals that treat auto accident victims is simple, to get you back to the shape you were in before the accident.

We Will Get You Back to You

Our number one priority is you. We will work with your medical professional team to get you back to who you were before the accident. Once you have received the medical attention you need, contact our experienced auto accident attorneys in Las Vegas to help you obtain maximum compensation for your injuries. We work to alleviate the burden on you. After all, you didn’t plan to have an accident. No one asked you if it was convenient to go to doctors for treatment. The legal team at Hale Injury Law works with the medical practitioners and insurance companies to get them all of your medical records and expenses, and works to get you the most compensation.

No matter what your case may involve, our attorneys are dedicated to you. We will review your case, review your medical records, and let you know what your options are moving forward. Contact us today for a FREE consultation.


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