Information Your Auto Accident Attorney Needs To Know

While your auto accident attorney can use all the information possible there are facts in particular that are more important than most.  Ideally, a Las Vegas Metropolitan Police officer will take photos, measurements, and all the necessary information needed for a report. However, with a recent passed law in the state of Nevada stating officers will no longer respond to auto collisions unless there are injuries present you can’t afford to solely depend on them for a photoshoot. If you do retain an attorney for your accident from Hale Injury Law you can trust you’ll be taken care of, but having too much information can only help you further more.

From the Scene

You can simply start with information gathered at the accident itself such as names, contact and vehicle information, insurance policy numbers, etc. If you wrote down information on paper then make plenty of copies, scan them, or even save a typed copy along with a hard copy as well. Same goes for any photos taken at the scene. Don’t be afraid to add afterthoughts to your notes once your nerves start to settle down a bit.

From the Camera

Generally you think information as words but photographs provide more information than words ever could. go a long way in a car accident case. If you don’t have a camera, even in your phone, don’t be afraid to ask to other driver(s) or even witnesses to take some and watch as they email it to you then and there. The best photos aren’t actually individual photos but many photos of every piece of damage from different perspectives. Damage to property also count.

From Witnesses 

This just ties everything together, the cherry on top if you will. Anyone who observed the auto accident can be contacted by your attorney so if you don’t have their contact information but know how to get it then it would be worth your while.  Never underestimate the value of an impartial witness.

If you speak to anyone who was involved in your auto accident in Las Vegas, make sure to help them out with these friendly reminders. Whether it was information or a conversation exchange between the insurance company, witnessnes, or the driver(s), your attorney needs to be kept in the loop always.

If you’d like help from the BEST auto accident attorney Las Vegas area has to offer, be sure to call Hale Injury Law at (702) 736-5800.

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