Accidents Will Happen: Even When Chauffeured

chauffeured driver accidents

Whether you are shuttling over to McCarran Airport, sightseeing, or enjoying a luxurious night on the town, being chauffeured doesn’t mean that you’ll never be in an accident. In fact, riding in a limousine, tour bus, shuttle, or other chauffeured transportation can pose greater risks than a passenger vehicle. Being aware of the risks, and what to do if you find yourself in an accident while being chauffeured can be the difference between being properly compensated or being a victim.

Dangers to Limousine & Shuttle Passengers

The illusion of safety in a limousine or shuttle bus leaves most passengers in a dangerous position. More often than not they remain without seat belts or proper restraints to avoid injury should an accident happen. With safety belts provided, if they weren’t in use at the time of an accident it may be viewed as the victim being negligible, and therefore leave them with partial blame for the damages they received as the result of an accident. If you’re a passenger in any type of vehicle with passenger restraints always use them the same as you would in any type of passenger vehicle.

What to Do if You Are In a Chauffeured Vehicle Accident

Many passengers in limousines, shuttle buses, tour buses, and other chauffeur driven vehicles assume the driver is responsible and knowledgeable when it comes to proper accident procedures. The truth is that most companies offer little or no training other than how to protect their companies.

If you find yourself in an accident, as a passenger in any type of vehicle, you should assume yourself to be an individual claim. This means that you’re responsible to document the event, injuries, and other details just the same as if you had been driving. The major difference is that, even if the driver of your vehicle is at fault, you are still ultimately considered a victim. Depending on your own auto insurance policy you may be able to be compensated as part of your policy.

Where To Get Expert Advice

Consulting with an honest, knowledgeable, and credible accident injury law firm, like the team at Hale Injury Law, can help you get the advice you need to have the best results. Their experience and understanding of your specific circumstances will likely be the difference between being taken for a ride and driving results.

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